Land and land administration departments will require intelligent data workflows in order to thrive in the future. Executing to their fullest potential requires fundamental records and data integrity projects, informally known as cleaning house. Prior to the advent of human-assisted AI, these projects were cost prohibitive and required time that staff simply did not have, resulting in clean data being a low priority. Until recently, it was possible to survive without clean data, because everyone was in the same boat. Now, ignoring your records and possessing outdated information means falling behind the pack – and potentially risks survival altogether. Because data integrity projects typically fall outside of common workflows, we are the solution to your problems. Increased data accuracy, accessibility, and transparency ultimately result in more valuable assets. Without clean data, no department or company can ever achieve its full potential.

Clean data offers a tremendous value add that delivers ROI in a rapid payback period by:

making future leasehold administration and management more efficient

mitigating compliance risk

gaining a clear understanding of rights, privileges and potential obligations

adding “lost” or unknown acreage

Data Integrity projects typically deliver ROI of over 100%

Our projects consistently deliver millions of dollars in previously unrealized asset value, revenue, and cost savings.

On average, over 30% of your land records currently have financially impactful errors.

  • Reduce your risk proactively
  • Know every contractual right and privilege

Ensuring every acre and privilege is accurately recorded can increase an asset’s value by 5% or more.

  • Know exactly what you own
  • Enhanced consistency and integrity of data is critical/imperative

More organized and better-analyzed documents can result in a 50% increase in efficiency of existing workflows.

  • Easy access to accurate data means better, faster decisions, actions, and reporting in A&D, compliance, expense optimization, and day-to-day operations
    • Quickly and easily locate key obligations and terms
    • Capitalize on more opportunities that inform decision making and gain competitive advantages
    • Streamline workflows

Value-Based Arrangements – Pay Per Provision

After we assess the state of your records and clarify your goals and needs, we can prepare a per document bid.

  • Predictable cost and burn rate
  • Pay only for what you get
  • Maintain control over your spending
  • Focus only on what matters to you
Clean Data Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

Make Something Great Even Better: Paramount Helps Client Get The Most Out Of Their Investments In Thoughttrace And Data Cleanup Initiative

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Improve Data Accuracy and Reliability

Paramount Utilizes Human-Assisted AI Software To Overhaul Client’s Land Records and Dramatically Improve Data Accuracy and Reliability

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ThoughtTrace: How It Works

We believe that collaboration is vital to build and maintain profound innovation. ThoughtTrace is THE industry-leading AI-Powered document understanding and contract analyzing solution. It serves as one unified platform that discovers and understands what matters in your contracts and documents. After mutually delivering numerous, consistently successful outcomes for our clients, ThoughtTrace and Paramount officially partnered to tackle the hard problems, and mutually deliver best-in-class technology and business solutions.

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