When it comes to technology, we’ve got the EDGE. There are lots of software options out there, but nothing comes close to the value we need for our clients, so we built our own. The bottom line is that our clients need accurate work that is delivered on time with no surprises – Paramount EDGE is the solution that does just that.

  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Documents all efforts for precise management, analysis and reporting
  • Game-changing tool for accuracy
  • Enables real-time one-touch reporting and document creation

We firmly believe that staying on the cutting EDGE is necessary for continued success in this quickly progressing world. Utilizing the most innovative technology is part of our Brand Promise, so we have continually iterated and improved Paramount EDGE since 2010. Designing our own system has provided us the flexibility to quickly adapt to new business needs, and never be locked into a system that can’t provide clients exactly what they are looking for. This customizability means we can work with other systems and set up our data to fit client needs.

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How Paramount Edge Works

EDGE takes project management to a new level. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are set for each project so we can instantly determine if a project or agent is on track to meet budget and performance goals.

Clients are provided a map portal that allows 24/7 access to project updates in an easy to use and familiar interface.

All project files can be accessed directly from the map portal, so clients can quickly find lease packages, title instruments, and ownership reports. Everything is kept organized in our secure data room.

Clients can quickly search for specific leases, or query all commitments and get a table of all owners that are on the fence or may require special approvals. This can also be exported as a shapefile to import directly into other systems.

This includes all details regarding a project, lease status, notes for every contact with an owner, title progress, section subtotals, and more.

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