GIS Mapping

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GIS Mapping


Our GIS team is well versed in mapping related to oil and gas. We offer mapping support for acquisition projects, asset management, due diligence, system conversions, and digitization efforts.

We also handle lead generation for renewables acquisition projects.


  • Aerial/topographical maps
  • Acquisition status maps
  • Title status with ownership/title notes maps
  • Survey status maps
  • Competitor leasehold mapping
  • Well & production checks
  • Permits, easements and regulatory mapping
  • Contouring
  • Pipeline routes mapping

  • KML (Google Earth) import and creation
  • ROW line list creation and maintenance
  • Deed plotting tracts and surveys
  • Exhibit maps for legal documents
  • Drillinginfo data for up to date analysis
  • HBP unit mapping
  • Custom mapping for specialized projects
  • Integration of all data entered into EDGE (title, acquisition efforts, curative, billing, etc.) for robust maps, reporting and cost analysis

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