Due Diligence


With small and large transactions continuously happening, buyers’ and sellers’ due diligence are needed to maximize the value of every deal. That is why we have developed a due diligence process that is proven, repeatable, scalable, executed by our land experts and supported by best-in-class software for real-time project management and instant dashboard reports. We have the extensive knowledge and experience needed to tackle all phases of the process – from examining records to identifying and curing defects to quickly integrating all lease and title data.

We apply in-house and field experience to turn every stone and bring every potential issue to the surface during an acquisition. Among the critical items we check:

  • Confirm mineral and leasehold ownership
  • Check for taxes, liens, judgments and encumbrances
  • Review WI, NRI, ORRI burdens
  • Identify all defects associated with the leases and subject agreements
  • Identification, notation and fulfillment of all curative requirements
  • Ensure all DTO and DOTO requirements have been reviewed and satisfied
  • Review HBP status and confirm production and/or all obligation payments

  • Lease provision summarization, obligation review and integration
  • Transactional documents preparation
  • Surface and right-of-way title verification, including facilities and other real property
  • Review contracts for obligations and/or burdens on future interest
  • Identify consent to assign and preferential right to purchase provisions and send notifications to owners
  • Provide necessary documents needed for ownership transfers with current operators
  • Ensure local and national governmental compliance on all transactions

8 Reasons to Supercharge your Due Diligence Process with Paramount


By implementing custom EDGE apps into your due diligence process, you can get the info you need, when you need it. Here are 8 reasons to supercharge your due diligence process.

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