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EDGE APPS / Customizable App Templates

Our customizable app templates are designed by experienced land professionals to supercharge common workflows and reliability of data related to the acquisition, development, and management of energy land assets. 5 custom apps that make land management a breeze.

Our templates require only a small amount of customization, based on your feedback and preferences.


  • Discovery: Zoom call and followup questions to define your requirements
  • Buildout: We customize a template to your preference and import your data
  • Deploy: Put your new tool to work in short order; make better, faster decisions
  • Evaluate and Iterate: Unlike traditional software, it is easy to make changes



Manage the process of curing Title Opinion requirements with ease.

Keep everyone on the same page. Strategically move through your backlog and then effortlessly keep up to date.

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Asset Management

Use as a data integration tool to combine multiple data sources into a single, coherent, and consistent view with improved data access and sharing. Enables data-driven decision making.

Perfect for managing non-op leasehold, mineral, surface, and other real property assets. Stay on top of contract compliance and ensure accurate revenue payments. Be sure you are fulfilling every obligation and also enjoying every entitlement.

Don’t pay for bells and whistles you don’t need or use. We cut out the fluff and focus on enhancing the features and functions you love and use most.



Perfect for mineral acquisition, lease acquisition, ROW or easement acquisition, surface site acquisition, and any other real property acquisition project.

Manage all the moving parts in one place, from contact management (CRM) and negotiations to title requests and building asset files.

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Due Diligence

Honed through dozens of large-scale acquisitions collectively worth $6+ billion (and counting). Whether you are buying or selling an asset, it literally pays to be organized. Manage the entire process in one place, from initial cursory review through delivering notices post-acquisition.

Import data from any system or spreadsheet to organize, verify, and format. Then export the final version to your system of choice.

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Signature Collection

Streamline the process of collecting signatures for production allocation agreements, production sharing agreements, election balloting, or anything else.

Collect signatures directly in the app with Docusign API.

8 Reasons to Supercharge your Due Diligence Process with Paramount


By implementing custom EDGE apps into your due diligence process, you can get the info you need, when you need it. Here are 8 reasons to supercharge your due diligence process.

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