We firmly believe that staying on the cutting EDGE is necessary for continued success in this quickly progressing world. Utilizing the most innovative technology is part of our Brand Promise, so we have continually iterated and improved Paramount EDGE since 2010.

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Don’t just survive. Thrive with innovation.

If you aren’t moving forward, you’re falling behind. There is truly no such thing as standing still, and this especially applies to technology and software for business. They are critical components of innovation, which has recently gone from a buzzword to a must-have, critical survival skill.

Continuous innovation is at the forefront of our processes with the goals of optimized agility, efficiency, and transparency. We have built a vertically integrated, full-scale department of land professionals from traditional field landmen to former in-house landmen, lease analysts, GIS analysts, division order analysts and land administrators with deep subject matter expertise, and armed with expert-level working knowledge of a curated selection of the most innovative technology and software available.

Many of our relationships with technology and software companies have developed into strategic partnerships, not just due to the superior outcomes we facilitate for our common clients, but also because we share a common goal: to be a part of revolutionizing how (and how efficiently) work gets done.

Leveraging our team of trained Power Users is the most reliable way to ensure superior outcomes and maximize value from software investments. We have taken things a step further by capturing specific, often overlooked processes and innovating the you-know-what out of them. A few examples are well preparation, GIS mapping, and data integrity initiatives.

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