About Us

We Are More Than a Broker.
We are a Virtual Land Department.

A nationwide, diverse team of experienced field and in-house land professionals
Consistently high quality, organized, accurate, and with no surprises
A plug and play resource for your team that is there when you need us.
Proud to earn loyalty with intuitive service and exceptional work product
Trying in vain to use technology to work ourselves out of the job
Responsive, transparent and accountable at all times
People who genuinely love showing up to work each day!
A trusted partner with a mission to build lasting relationships
A traditional land service provider possessing mainly field expertise
Discount grade, inconsistent, and risky
Out to displace your job.
Reactive order-takers who attempt to buy loyalty with gifts
Parked at the trough and terrified of efficiency
Hard to reach, indirect, or secretive in difficult times
A sweatshop with negative culture and unhappy workers
An opportunistic vendor just looking for the next project

Since 2008, we’ve been committed to doing the right thing. Accountability is literally built into our DNA. From our meticulous attention to detail and efficiency to our responsive communication, we go above and beyond to build lasting relationships.

Paramount is more than a traditional broker. We are a full-scale virtual land department that combines field and in-house expertise, technology and coaching to scale land departments without scaling resources. Our highly vetted, experienced land professionals provide solutions that give companies a sustainable competitive edge and empower land departments to function like well-oiled machines.

We utilize innovative processes, technology, and human resources to fulfill all land needs. With diverse backgrounds, ranging from typical field roles to in-house upper management, we can fulfill all or any of the tasks a traditional land department or typical land broker provides, and more.


Living by our core values builds lasting relationships with each other and our clients.

We utilize an agile team formula so that no one is responsible for more than five team members. Each team has a daily “huddle” to quickly share knowledge, discuss progress, establish daily priorities, and exchange “shout-outs” for victories. This fosters cohesive units with members who genuinely care for each other and take pride in their work. It also identifies and solves problems before they even happen. This is the secret ingredient behind our consistent, high quality work.

Our Partners
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