Lease Acquisition


Our responsive team is comprised of experts in acquisition of fee, federal, state, and Indian lands leases in all major basins. Our battle tested techniques and processes empower us to quickly rack up acreage in a lease play while balancing budget and objectives to efficiently use resources to control the most land possible. In addition, we manage strategic leasing projects such as bolt-on acreage identification, infill acreage acquisition, top leasing, and end of term lease renewal.

  • Mineral, surface, fee, state, and federal leasing
  • Mass lease signing and town hall meetings
  • Document preparation and management
  • Mass mailing preparation and execution
  • Field office setup and management
  • Brand management and advertising

  • Mineral and royalty buying
  • Infill acreage acquisition
  • Lease extension
  • Lease take offs
  • Top leasing
  • Acquisition curative

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