In-House Staffing

Our extensive network and ability to deploy quickly make us a first choice for start-up company staffing, companies needing to quickly scale up, or companies that just wants to be more efficient and save money.  Candidates are thoroughly screened and pre-qualified to ensure quality and fit. Contract staffers give our clients the ability to rapidly ramp up and wind down.

  • Stay on top of your workload without inflating G&A budget
  • Work ebbs and flows.  Don’t pay for idle workers – only pay when you need them
  • Hire regional or other subject matter experts on as needed basis
  • Save time and money on HR functions, such as job postings, interviews, contracts, onboarding, and compliance management
  • Positions staffed – Lease Analysts, Division Order Analysts, Administrative or Clerical staff, GIS Analysts, Field Landmen, Surface Landmen, In-House Landmen

8 Reasons to Supercharge your Due Diligence Process with Paramount


By implementing custom EDGE apps into your due diligence process, you can get the info you need, when you need it. Here are 8 reasons to supercharge your due diligence process.

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